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Actor-turned-rapper Drake hit the clubs after his concert last month and has obtained the exclusive photos in which an eyewitness says he was smoking marijuana.


“I was sitting in the VIP section right next to Drake and he lit up a joint and began to smoke it freely,” the source tells


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O , NO !
Drake is a DRUGIE...i knew it!!!!
OMG they need to leave my nigga alone...he aint doing shit that most of us aint already did aint nothing iwrong wit it shit...if he wasnt famous yall wouldnt care so...dont care now you dig...shit dake pass it...Lmao naw but yall need to pay attention to his good music and what he is offering the game and inspiring to otheres to believe in there dreams and self....I will always Luv me some drake
who don't smoke it my mama even smoke it guess how old
oh drake can get cancer from smoking all that shet
Drugs can kill ppl he needs to stop all that smoking. That's differently a turn off.
he talks bout smoking weed in some of his songs.. drake dont need to stop smoking.. only thing that nigga need to do is pass that shit this way... i would love to blaze with drake, off top...
soo everybody knows drake smokes ! just look in every music vid of his nd u will see him and either a joint or some smoke around him . i personaly hate it !! but yea i mean a lotta people do it im nt saying just cus everone does it its ok no im just saying yea this wont be the only time u see him smoking we will catch this about a million times prob i hope nt but... its nt lyke u can just go up to him nd be lyke "hay dude i lyke luv u the only think i hate is that u smoke .. can u stop ??" and expect him to be lyke " oh sure yea deff im soo srry, here is some back stage passes to make up for it " no thats nt gunna hapen !!
Mayne it is what it is....aslong as it dont effect him as an artist and his creativity....fuck it rather its good or bad its apart of who he is love it or hate it...but if you luv drake then yall know he is who he is...that dosent mean smoke it jus means let him do him and you do you.... Dam i sound like a getto Dr. Phil lol
shidd who cares , i do it every now and then sou woop !
i fucking love him husband w| all my heart .&& i think he knows better than this, but fuck what rapper doesnt smoke ? yur my husband regardless of what yu choose to do(:

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