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What do ya'll think?

I Want It.

Need some fixing.

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nice, i would definetly buy it
dont make it a box just put the at the bottom of the shirt, and take out the black box and just have a black and white silouhette of drake o nthe red tee. def would look hot
word dont make it a box bro ...just fix that up and it will look nice
i like the design, but i think if u photo shop drake and his name out of the black box and make the outline of him and his name alot bigger and position the bottom of the design (where the name is) at the bottom right of the shirt. then run verticle to drizzy or big on the back of the shirt. i would purchase something like that.
oh snap dhat shirt killin
How can i buy this? lol
u shud add more details but its gud 4 now
change the color to blue or black or white and dont put a box on there just have drizzy on there and his face
OMG where do i get them from and how??? omg omg omg lolz. An are there guna be posters in the store of Drake anytime soon cuz i needa kno pronto son.
I Want It Need Some Fixing
box makes it look horrible take it off and make drizzy hotter
i wuld by it

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